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82 Inverness Dr E, Suite A2, Englewood Colorado, 80112

Our goal is to create simple but "wall worthy" paintings.

What makes us different


Whether you're a "secret artist", "the best artist to ever live", or "finger painting extraordinaire" we have something to share with you.  

We understand how frustrating it can be as artists to create something you would feel proud of to display on your wall, but won't take months to complete. So, to make this easier for you we've come up with simple but "wall worthy" designs that can be completed in 1-2 hours. 



Welcome to Inspiration Painting Cafe! We are a small business created in January of 2017. 


Whether you're looking to just free paint on a Friday night or take a painting class, we're here to satisfy your artistic needs. We offer a variety of classes that range from easy to difficult, and we also offer birthday parties for all ages.